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Caucus Preparation (or "Fun with YouTube")

The 2018 Region X CRC is less than a month away!! As your chapter’s elected leaders, you have been selected by your members to be their representatives as we discuss future leaders and how our region and society are operated. You are their voice.

Please take some time over the next few weeks to talk to your board and chapter members to see what they want from the region and society. When we go into our Caucus and Executive Sessions, we will be discussing a lot of positions and awards. Rather than try to schedule a conference call, we have created a short four-part video series to help prepare you for CRC. Please take some time this week to watch these videos so that you can start getting your candidate list ready.

CRC Caucus Preparation

Part 1: ASHRAE Organization structure and your role at CRC -

Part 2: Regional Positions -

Part 3: Society Level Positions -

Part 4: Honors and Awards -

The entire four-part video series is less than 50 minutes long, so you can watch all four videos on your lunch break or break them up whenever you have some spare time. Watch and re-watch them. Share them with friends and family. Please let Tiffany, Robert, or me know if you have any questions. We will be sending additional information out in the coming weeks.

Thank you!!

Devin A. Abellon

Region X Nominating Member

Tiffany Abruzzo

Region X Nominating Alternate

Robert Kunkel

Region X Nominating Reserve Alternate

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