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Karine Leblanc

Regional Communications Chair (RCC)

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The Communications Committee role is to identify the communication needs of the membership and staff, recommend and maintain policies, and ensures that the implementation of information technologies meets the objectives and needs of the Society.

At the chapter level, the role of the Communications Chapter Chair should be to overlook the website, social media, newsletter and Basecamp. The chair should be the go-to person whenever there is a need or question for anything related to communications.


Here is a list of the PAOE points that can be used as a guideline for your role as Communications Chair:

Efficient use of volunteer's time

  • CC1: For updating and adding new and/or current information to a chapter website, initial update by October 1 (does not include social media posts and/or updates posted to the website)

  • CC1.1: For updating and adding current chapter information to chapter website, by October 1

  • CC1.2: For updating and adding current chapter program schedule to chapter website, by October 1

  • CC1.3: For updating and adding pictures from most recent chapter event to chapter website (prior to next event)

  • CC2: For making a minimum of 4 unique posts per month on your chapter’s social media; duplicate post on multiple mediums counts as one post


  • CC3: For each percentage of chapter’s total membership that follows or provides other similar indication of involvement with one of chapter’s social media pages; only the social media site with the largest following is counted (2 points per 1 percent)

  • CC4: For promotion of local student branches via separate page or link to student branch page on the main chapter website

  • CC5: For listing links to webpages and other related sites like Join ASHRAE and Donate to ASHRAE

RCC assigns/enters the following points:

  • CC6: For Chapter ECC Chair or Webmaster who attends the CRC ECC workshop

  • CC7: For Chapter ECC Chair or Webmaster serving in the position 2 years or more

  • CC8: For planning/goal setting session with RECC by October 1 or 2 weeks after the CRC, whichever is later

  • CC9: For achieving goals established in goal-setting session with RECC

  • CC10: For listing Site Designation in the following format, “ASHRAE (registered symbol)(Chapter Name)Chapter”

  • CC11: For listing Disclaimer on homepage as specifically listed in the current ASHRAE Web Policy document with address linked to the Society homepage

  • CC12: For listing current webmaster, contact email address and latest revision on homepage

All the resources for the Communications Committee are on ASHRAE Society website:


Don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything!