About YEA and your YRC (YEA Regional Coordinator)

Hi all, I’m Elise Kiland, your Region X YEA RVC, formerly past San Jose YEA Committee Chair!  I love our young engineers and can’t wait to help all of our Chapter Chairs.

Elise Kiland

YEA Regional Vice Chair

Critchfield Mechanical

(650) 333-1065

A big thank you to Heather Schopplein for all of her hard work as our past work as Region X YRC.  Heather has been so inspirational for me personally.  I am excited and to be honest, a bit nervous to be filling her role.

My goal for the next three years will come from Past ASHRAE President David Underwood’s campaign, Making Connections.  I want to join together our YEA Chapter Chairs and set out with the following goals:

  • Communicate and share successful YEA event ideas between YCCs

  • Increase applications to YEA Leadership Weekends

  • Encourage an increase in YEA attendance at Chapter & Regional Meetings

  • Raise awareness of award programs such as the New Faces of Engineering Award and YEA Award of Excellence

  • Instill confidence in YEA-ers across the Region in both technical and soft skillsets

  • Increase YEA involvement in Technical Committees

  • Strengthen the bond between Student Activities and YEA and increase the utilization of the Smart Start Program

All information regarding these programs can be found at the Society's website page, located here.

My contact information, for all our YCCs, email or call at 724-448-5959.  I’m also on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram so please reach out!

From Cindy Moreno & Heather Schopplein, our past YRC’s for Region X:

It's no secret that when many of our industry professionals (especially the newcomers) think of ASHRAE they think of boring tech sessions, codes, standards, old guys with pocket protectors (mad respect to those forefathers of HVAC, by the way), but the thing we are here to emphasize is that, like all good things, ASHRAE is evolving.

The generations before us, whom have laid the groundwork that we are building on, are welcoming the young minds of the future into their offices, labs, and beloved professional organization and asking us to join them in continuing the tradition of innovative thought and design. They are asking us to continue to expand on the ideas that have been the foundation of ASHRAE since its inception. Not only are the youngest members of ASHRAE being invited to attend meetings and learn from our predecessors, but we are being recruited for Members' Council committees, technical committees, etc. and they are asking us what we think and how we want to build. And THAT is innovation at work! TOGETHER we will grow and TOGETHER we will prosper. There is so much to be learned from those generations who really created the HVAC & R industry, and it is so validating to have them turn to younger generations to be educated about technology and all that has changed as well.

As Young Engineers in ASHRAE, it's not always easy to see through all of the text and jargon and figure out the who's who or what's what. That is why YEA was created as a committee on Members' Council and why the YEA Institute has grown so rapidly over the past few years. Consider us your pathway to all things ASHRAE. Allow us to act as your guide while you get to know ASHRAE and all that we have to offer. The YEA Institute has many resources to introduce you to ASHRAE and to illuminate the facets of ASHRAE that best suit your interests and goals.

What is the YEA Institute??? YOU might ask...

The answer: "The YEA Institute" designed to help you develop your skills, grow as a professional and expand your network, the YEA Institute was created to offer a variety of YEA-focused education and networking programs tailored to your specific needs:

  • YEA Leadership Weekend 

  • Smart Start Program 

  • Social/Networking Events at Society Meetings 

  • YEA Page on Society Website 

  • YEA Connections Newsletter 

  • Facebook Page 

  • Technical Committees Guide 

  • Young Members Guide 

  • Mentorship Program 

  • Leadership U 

  • College of Fellows Graduate Student Travel Award 

  • New Faces in Engineering 

  • Social & Technical Chapter Activities 

  • Student Activities Liaison 


Check out the Young Engineers on ASHRAE page on Facebook or on the ASHRAE Society website.