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The function of our committee is to select the leaders for the future of ASHRAE at the Regional and Society level. We select the Regional leaders at the Region X CRC each year during the Caucus Session. We also select the Society leaders for ASHRAE at the Fall Nominating Meeting and the Winter Society Meeting. All these meetings are in executive session and the discussions and results are closed to the general membership, until the results are announced.

Marites Calad

Nominating Committee Chair

Norman S. Wright

(808) 678-3911

We are also responsible for forwarding the names of members that qualify for Chapter, Regional, and the many Society Level Awards to the Awards Committee for review and selection. Please see the Awards section on the ASHRAE website at for a complete list of the many awards, required qualifications, and process for nomination.

Please contact myself, Robert, or Cindy if you have any questions on the nomination or awards process.

Thank You,

Marites Calad

Marites Calad, Chair -

Robert Kunkel, Alternate

Cindy Moreno, Alternate Reserve

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