Heather Schopplein

RP Regional Vice Chair

University Mechanical & Engineering

(707) 318-4307


Welcome to the Resource Promotion page!

My name is Heather Schopplein and I am

more than excited to be your Regional Vice

Chair for 2018-2019.

The results from last year campaign are

here, we have raised $185,199 and

surpassed our goal of $184,400

Congratulations to everyone for all their efforts!

2018-2019 Goal = $190,000
Current Raised as of 5/6/19 = $121,547
Of the Current Raised $43,127 is Earmarked for Scholarships

All of the RP information is located on the dedicated RP website: www.ashraerp.com


Regional Highlights:

  • Regional Full Circle*

Chapter Highlights:

  • Central Arizona Chapter Reached Goal!

  • Golden Gate Chapter Full Circle*

  • Hawaii Chapter Reached Goal!

  • Hawaii Scholarship Goal

  • Northern Nevada Chapter Full Circle*

  • Northern Nevada Scholarship Goal

  • Orange Empire Chapter Full Circle*

  • Sacramento Valley Chapter Full Circle*

  • Sacramento Valley Scholarship Goal

  • San Diego Chapter Full Circle*

  • San Jose Chapter Full Circle*

  • Sierra Delta Chapter Full Circle*

  • Southern California Chapter Full Circle*

  • Southern Nevada Reached Goal!

  • Tucson Chapter Full Circle*

*Full Circle:  Is an individual donation of at least $100 by chapter/regional officers and RP chairs.

Special Thanks to the following Members who have personally donated $250 or more so far this year!

  • James MacDonald, Golden Gate Chapter

  • Glenn Friedman PE, Golden Gate Chapter

  • Dr. Edward Arens, Golden Gate Chapter

  • Steven Taylor PE, Golden Gate Chapter

  • Frank Lo PE, Golden Gate Chapter

  • Nenad Saric PE, Golden Gate Chapter

  • Michael Gallagher, Southern California Chapter

  • Kevin Blankemeier PE, San Diego Chapter

  • Tiffany Bates Abruzzo, San Diego Chapter

  • Robert Kunkel PE, Tucson Chapter

  • David Palty, Tucson Chapter

  • Joseph Olivier, San Jose Chapter

  • Saul Villanueva PE, San Jose Chapter

  • Marites Calad, Hawaii Chapter

  • John Arizumi, Hawaii Chapter

  • Timothy Mitchell, Central Arizona Chapter

  • Meg Gates, Central Arizona Chapter

  • Beau Turner, Central Arizona Chapter

  • James William Kennelly III, Central Arizona Chapter

  • Matthew Waller PE, Orange Empire Chapter

  • Thomas Lawyer, Southern Nevada Chapter

Donate Here: https://xp20.ashrae.org/secure/researchpromotion/rp.html

Here are the RP Chair Action Items


  • Plan monthly RP articles in Chapter newsletter

  • Plan YTD investors recognition in Chapter newsletter

  • Recruited Chapter Volunteers for Calling Campaigns & other help


  • Recognition of last year's Campaign donors

  • Contact prior Major Donors

  • Attained Chapter Full Circle

  • Schedule a Chapter RP Night

  • Schedule RP Spectial Events for the year


  • Talk to your Chapter BOG about creating or adding to Chapter Endowment

  • Contact any employees of participating matching companies who are Chapter members

  • Contact potential Endowment Contributors

  • Implement Calling Campaigns to member SYBUNTs


  • Contact all LYBUNTs

  • Re-contact all Major Donors donations who have not confirmed support

  • Submit all special event and chapter donations to Headquarters

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