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Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC)

CTTC's role is to provide efficient and effective transfer of current and relevant information throughout the HVAC&R industry to and from the chapters. CTTC develops and maintains high quality and readily available tools to enable chapters to offer information and attractive industry-related information and programs to all segments within the HVAC&R industry. CTTC reports to the Members Council.

Tyler Bradshaw

CTTC Regional Vice Chair

Region X CRC News

At the last Region X CRC held in Sacramento, CA, multiple awards were distributed by the CTTC. Congratulations to all award recipients. We’re looking forward to this year’s CRC in Fresno – be sure to get your award submissions in on time!

Technology Awards
Successful Chapter CTTC Operations

Find all that you need to operate efficiently and effectively as a CTTC Chairperson here. Make your respective Chapter term as successful as possible.

CTTC Manual of Procedures (MOP)

CTTC Resource Manual (RM)

Manual for Chapter Operations (MCO)

PAOE - Be sure to submit information on a regular basis to your respective Chapter CTTC PAOE page. Do so as you earn the points. Don’t wait until the last minute of the fiscal year - go to the ASHRAE website.

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