Nominating Recap

Tiffany Abruzzo and I had the honor of representing Region X at the Nominating Committee Meeting held at the 2018 Annual Conference in Houston on June 24th. In the past, the Annual Conference meeting has been reserved as an opportunity to train incoming members for the upcoming year. This year however, in addition to new member orientation, our committee entertained a number of motions put forth by the Nominating Committee Procedures Ad Hoc relating to committee operations and procedures. In total 14 of the 15 motions were approved. As a member of the ad hoc, it was gratifying to see support from the committee on motions that improve the way we select candidates for higher ASHRAE office.

Speaking of that process, it was also announced at the conference that all of the candidates nominated by the Nominating Committee were voted in by the membership. The newly-installed members of the board include:

  • President-Elect: Darryl Boyce

  • Treasurer: Charles Gulledge III

  • Vice President: Julia Keen

  • Vice President: Mick Schwedler

  • Vice President: Farooq Mehboob

  • Vice President: Malcolm Dennis Knight

  • Director-at-Large: Katherine Hammack

  • Director-at-Large:Sarah Maston

  • Director-at-Large:Chandra Sekhar

  • Alternate DAL: Asish Rakheja

The Nominating Committee works very hard to identify, evaluate, and recommend candidates for higher ASHRAE office, following the basic ASHRAE tenet that “the office shall seek the person, rather than the person seek the office.” Contrary to what some may think, we do not report to the Board –we report only to the members.