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Join Lucy as She Goes Green!

A new Lucy book is available! It is a must have for anyone who has or knows a kid.

In this second book, Lucy goes with her classmates on a field trip to a sustainable farm, where they learn about storing energy using solar panels and windmills and recycling water through rainwater collection.


Help her find unique solutions to STEM problems and see if you’d like to be an engineer too!


This rhyming picture book is the second book in ASHRAE's Engineering Adventures Series. It was developed by the ASHRAE Student Activities Committee as part of their goal to promote and encourage engineering and HVAC&R careers.

Meet the Author Danielle Passaglia at

the 2024 Winter Conference for a book signing.

January 21 | 9 AM | Hotel bookstore

More about the Author

Danielle Passaglia, PE, LEED® Green Associate, Associate Member ASHRAE, is a Mechanical Engineer at Arup in Chicago, IL. She is a University of Nebraska alumna with a BA and an MA in Architectural Engineering and has nearly a decade of experience volunteering with STEM outreach in the K-12 arena via Engineering Ambassadors, TechGirlz, and ASHRAE’s Student Activities Committee. She is also the 2023–2024 President of the ASHRAE Illinois Chapter

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