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2024 Presidential Visit

ASHRAE Society President, Ginger Scoggins, PE, CEM, CxA, LEED-AP, FASHRAE joined me for an epic tour of ASHRAE Region X last week. We started off with the ASHRAE Tucson Chapter (thanks Ryan Harbuck!), then went up to Phoenix to tour the upcoming 2024 Region X CRC hotel (Tempe Mission Palms), followed by a joint meeting with the I2SL Arizona Chapter and the ASHRAE Central Arizona Chapter (thanks Matthew George!). We then went over to visit the ASHRAE San Diego Chapter (thanks Alexander Armstrong!), and then over to Anaheim for a joint meeting with the ASHRAE Orange Empire ChapterASHRAE Southern California Chapter, and the Tri County Chapter (thanks Chris FarringtonElyse (Johnson) McBride, PE, and Kendal Smith!). Then on to Fresno for a visit with the San Joaquin Chapter (thanks Matt Soderstrom, PE), and then Modesto to visit the Sierra Delta Chapter (thanks Jay Blatchford!).

(pause to take a breath)

And then we headed up to visit the Sacramento Valley Chapter (thanks Kurt Rapp!) and then over to Reno to visit the Northern Nevada Chapter (thanks Mark Rawson, P.E.!). Then back through Sacramento with a quick lunch stop with the Chapter volunteer leadership team, then over to the Bay Area for a joint meeting with the ASHRAE Golden Gate Chapter (thanks Juliana Velez!) and the ASHRAE San Jose Chapter (thanks Austin Hochstetler!)

(another breath)

And then we hopped on a plane to go visit with the ASHRAE Hawaii Chapter (thanks Justin Choriki!).

Oh, and after the Hawaii visit, I said goodbye to Ginger and went back to San Francisco to tour our 2025 CRC hotel (Westin St. Francis) with ASHRAE Region IX DRC, Jonathan Smith PE, CEM, LEED AP, Golden Gate General Chair, Brian Chacon, El Paso General Chair, Berenice Saucedo, and YEA Jr. Vice Chair, Elise Kiland, PE (thank you all). And then of course, I stopped in Las Vegas to visit the Southern Nevada Chapter (thank you Jeron Hogan, E.I.T.!). It was great getting to relax and enjoy a beer at their Past President's Night.

Attending 10 meetings across four states in 6 days is not easy. Especially when you're driving a Tesla for the first time, slightly stressing out about charging stations and trying to learn how Elon Musk wants us to use door handles -- but, we made it! I'm very grateful for Ginger's willingness to meet with so many of our Chapters. And for all our Members who made our trip so enjoyable. And for all of the incredible volunteers in Region X, who joined me in accepting Ginger's theme this year by donating to our Regional Carbon Offset Fund, making this entire trip Net Zero for CO2 emissions.

Thank you all very, very, very much!


Tucson Chapter

Central Arizona Chapter

San Diego Chapter

Orange Empire, Southern California, & Tri County Chapters

San Joaquin Chapter

Sierra Delta Chapter

Sacramento Valley Chapter

Northern Nevada Chapter

Golden Gate and San Jose Chapters

Hawaii Chapter

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