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Region X participates in the First Graduate Program!

The First Graduate program's mission is to help students become the first in their families to graduate from college ready to pursue meaningful careers.

To assist her Chapter in achieving the K-12/STEM Leadership Award, Alyse Falconer from the Golden Gate Chapter participated in a First Graduate Series workshop with 7th and 8th graders, putting together a design competition that the students really enjoyed. Here are some photos from the workshop:

When students join the program First Graduate makes a 12-year commitment to support them every step of the way until college graduation and into their first career. First Graduate understands how important it is to keep students engaged and excited about obtaining a college degree at an early age and how scary it might be when they are unfamiliar with the opportunities that are out there. The Student Graduate Career Speakers play a crucial role in exposing younger students about the different careers that exist with a college degree!

For more information about the First Graduate program, visit

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