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Region X wins the Youth Outreach Award... Again!

I am very proud to announce that out of four strong contenders from various Regions in all of ASHRAE, the nominee from Region X was selected at the Winter Conference in Atlanta -- please join me in congratulating the 2019 Youth Outreach Award recipient, from the San Jose Chapter:


The Youth Outreach Award is given annually to an ASHRAE member who actively engages a youth audience in their country, region or local community through science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) activities. Qualified activities include science fairs, technical tours, classroom activities, judging local competitions, and mentoring.

Strong education in STEM is critical to America’s global competitiveness. Our future standard of living depends on developing future technicians, engineers and scientists. With today’s global economy, concerns about American workforce competitiveness have emerged. Even students pursuing non-STEM specialties need a basic knowledge of scientific and technological applications for effective participation in the workforce, success in their personal lives, and responsible citizenship.

As professionals focused on design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the nation’s buildings and infrastructure and as educators of future generations of engineers, ASHRAE members are encouraged to recognize the importance of a solid foundation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through active involvement in their local communities and in national programs, bringing exciting science and engineering programs to students. ASHRAE is nationally engaged in the Solar Decathlon, National Engineers Week, the Absolute Zero Campaign, and other STEM educational efforts. However, it is up to members to carry on this torch locally.

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