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Winter Conference in Chicago

On September 1 registration opened for the Winter Conference in Chicago! This conference in particular is a great opportunity to train, encourage, and motivate your Student Members, Student Branch Advisors, and Student Activities Chairs. The conference will be held January 20-24 (2018) at the Palmer House Hilton and the Student Training Session is on Sunday (the 21st). The AHR Expo will take place at the McCormick Center January 22-24.

What is the cost to the Chapter?

  • Airfare will vary depending on your location. From LAX the ticket is around $100

  • Hotel cost is $174/night plus tax

  • Registration cost for students is only $25

  • Registration cost for Student Branch Advisors is only $25

For more information about the Winter Conference visit or reach out to Buzz Wright (

Winter Conference in Chicago
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