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Ventilation 2021 Conference Accepting Abstracts

The Ventilation 2021 Conference takes place Aug. 15-18, 2021 at the Sheraton City Centre in downtown Toronto. Inaugurated in 1985, the "Industrial Ventilation Conference" takes place every three years, allowing time to develop new research and technology applications and to document the findings. The conference has rotated locations and organizers between Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. The 2021 conference will be hosted by ASHRAE.

The goal of the conference is for international engineers, practitioners, researchers, scientists and regulatory personnel working in the specialized industrial ventilation field to share recent advancements from a global perspective in the field of ventilation and contaminant control.

Key Issues to be Covered:

  • Occupational health, environmental emissions and safety considerations in industrial process ventilation system design and applications

  • Innovations in ventilation system (Equipment, Innovative sensors measurements, energy efficiency, productivity, sustainability, etc.)

  • Thermal Hydraulic Modeling, measurement and test & balancing techniques, AI applications, optimization models, data mining, etc.

  • Industrial HVAC Systems- Innovation & Best Practices (Equipment, Controls, Risk Management, Energy Efficiency, Productivity, Sustainability, etc.)

  • Best practices and risk evaluations and management in industrial ventilation and air conditioning systems application (advanced manufacturing, health care/operating theatres, professional kitchens, clean spaces/nanotechnology, tunnel and mine ventilation, power plants etc.)

  • Modeling Advances (New techniques, automation, scripting, etc.)

  • Best practices in data center and ventilation and air conditioning system design and applications.

  • Filtration Systems for Contaminant Control

  • Lesson learned in industrial ventilation and air conditioning systems design and applications.

A track on Global Research Initiatives will be incorporated into the program. This track will investigate innovative solutions, including those still at a research stage, that have been proposed worldwide. The Global Research Initiatives track will welcome new topics, related to the Covid-19, including specific submission about researchers and experiences related to:

  • Ventilation for infections control

  • Respiratory Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

  • Hygiene in working environments

  • Ventilation for Commercial and social gathering spaces

Paper Abstracts (250 or less words in length) are due October 2020. If accepted, papers will be due in March 2021. For more information visit,

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