Chapter Opportunity Fund (COF)

In Long Beach, DRCs and RMCRs unanimously agreed on the following break down for the $140,000 Chapter Opportunity Fund that President Olesen has established for this Society Year (2017-2018):

• Regions I through XIV to receive $9,250 each • RAL to receive $10,500

Note that we have remaining $4,050 (approximately) from last year’s COF, so we have a total of $13,250 to use this year.

To ensure that Region X Chapters have the greatest amount of time possible in which to make use of the Fund, we want to receive your submissions right away. With the intent of using all of the funds this year, I would like to allocate $950 per chapter.

CHAPTER SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE OCTOBER 31ST. After this day, unused COF $ will be available for other chapters to use. It is important that we get to use all of it so Society may consider repeating this program next year.

Please come up with creative ideas to use the allocated $. Below are some COF events from other chapters in 2016-2017.

Steamboat Challenge: $5,000 to support the expansion of the Steamboat Challenge Program. Now in its third year, the Steamboat Challenge is a collaboration between an ASHRAE Chapter and other local organizations to motivate and encourage youth to pursue science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). ASHRAE volunteers have visited more than 30 schools and provided education and demonstrations of thermodynamic principles to more than 800 students. The funds will be used to purchase additional equipment, provide outreach to more schools, and underwrite the costs of putting on the annual competition.

Smart-Start Weekend: $4,750 to support a weekend workshop and training program for student members of ASHRAE. The event will be