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We received a letter from Jan and Von Radke and are very happy to share the news that rebuilding has begun! We are so thankful for the amazing members in our Region who are quick to help when someone is in need.


I am writing to thank your organization for your generous and much needed and appreciated Wildfire Recovery check.

You can’t imagine our joy and gratitude in receiving this donation at such a time that we are recovering from losing our home and starting the rebuilding process, from permits to engineering to architects to replacing all of our possessions that can be replaced. We were very fortunate to evacuate in time, but we were not able to take anything with us except one car. Your donation will help us get back on track and move toward starting our lives again.

Thank you so much to your organization and to Christie Kjellman for thinking of us in our time of need and spending the time to help us move forward.

In gratitude and appreciation, Jan and Von Radke Santa Rosa, CA

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