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Cal Poly Pomona Student Branch Meeting

Elyse Johnson from IMEG was the guest speaker at the Cal Poly Pomona ASHRAE Student Branch meeting, on March 1. Elyse is also the Tri County chapter of ASHRAE Treasurer.

Elyse did a great job talking to the students about getting a job, her typical job tasks, and ASHRAE. The students were very appreciative of Elyse’s discussion. They also appreciated Elyse for taking the time to come and talk to them. Some of the highlights of Elyse’s discussion with the Student Branch members were:

Getting a job: Appling online for a job will not work. You must go and meet people. Elyse got hired by IMEG by first meeting them at the Cal Poly Pomona Job Fair. Also, the way to stand out is have experience with Trace, AutoCAD, and Revit.

Typical job tasks: Each job typically requires the below tasks to complete. Sometimes tasks require meeting with the Architects, contractors, agencies, or vendors.

  • Work with Architects on occupancy, insulation, glass, equipment, and Title 24 standards

  • Select the HVAC equipment for the job

  • Model the equipment layout, then coordinate and layout duct work

  • Get agency approval (City, DSA for schools, or other)

  • Work with contractor to get the job built

  • Approve for construction

ASHRAE: ASHRAE gives you important networking opportunities. Your “Weak” connections are many times the connections that will lead you to a job!

Huge thanks to Elyse Johnson and Jim Toda for all that they are doing for Student Activities!

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