ASHRAE Strategic Plan

On June 24, 2014, the Board of Directors (BOD) approved a new Strategic Plan to help guide ASHRAE forward over next several years. ASHRAE volunteers will help make the Strategic Plan a reality. This Toolkit provides additional information on the Plan, the initiatives and the expected resource requirements and outcomes. This information is to assist volunteers in this critical effort.

In addition to the Strategic Plan Toolkit, there is the Strategic Plan Implementation Plan, which provides a timeline for completing key aspects of the Plan and methods for measuring progress and performance on activities conducted to implement the Plan.

In fall of 2016, the Board of Directors confirmed that the Strategic Plan is a five year plan in place until June of 2019. A midterm update of the plan was authorized and subsequently approved for release June 2017. This revised Strategic Plan Toolkit documents the midterm term update. The Strategic Plan and Strategic Plan Implementation Plan remain unchanged.

There are five initiatives:

  1. Market Prioritization

  2. Applied Product Development

  3. ASHRAE’s role in the Residential Sector

  4. ASHRAE’s role in the Global Community

  5. ASHRAE Efficiency


Market prioritization came out of two key discussions during which the following questions were asked: Is ASHRAE doing enough to ensure that the world knows what the Society is working on?; and Are we really listening carefully enough to our members needs and acting to fulfill them? The initiatives are intended to make sure ASHRAE is properly connected to its key constituencies, such as consulting engineers, as well as getting the message out about ASHRAE to employers, building owners, and other influential groups.