Caucus Preparation (or "Fun with YouTube")

The 2018 Region X CRC is less than a month away!! As your chapter’s elected leaders, you have been selected by your members to be their representatives as we discuss future leaders and how our region and society are operated. You are their voice. Please take some time over the next few weeks to talk to your board and chapter members to see what they want from the region and society. When we go into our Caucus and Executive Sessions, we will be discussing a lot of positions and awards. Rather than try to schedule a conference call, we have created a short four-part video series to help prepare you for CRC. Please take some time this week to watch these videos so that you can start getting you

Design Competition Winners Announced!

Temporary shelter design for refugees in Eastern Europe (Applied Engineering Challenge) Calculations for multi-use building in Istanbul, Turkey (HVAC System Selection) Every year ASHRAE holds four design competitions for students: HVAC Design Calculations HVAC System Selection Integrated Sustainable Building Design Applied Engineering Challenge There were a total of 38 team entries and our Region had teams from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Cal Poly Pomona, UCLA, and San Jose State. I am very happy to report that Cal Poly SLO has been awarded 3rd place for HVAC System Selection and 2nd place for the Applied Engineering Challenge!

Nominating Recap

Tiffany Abruzzo and I had the honor of representing Region X at the Nominating Committee Meeting held at the 2018 Annual Conference in Houston on June 24th. In the past, the Annual Conference meeting has been reserved as an opportunity to train incoming members for the upcoming year. This year however, in addition to new member orientation, our committee entertained a number of motions put forth by the Nominating Committee Procedures Ad Hoc relating to committee operations and procedures. In total 14 of the 15 motions were approved. As a member of the ad hoc, it was gratifying to see support from the committee on motions that improve the way we select candidates for higher ASHRAE office. Spe

Welcoming our Incoming RVCs

Please join me in congratulating the three incoming Regional Vice Chairs (RVCs) on their new roles as Regional Leaders. Our Region had a fantastic 2017-2018 season and there is no doubt that the 2018-2019 season will be even better! Kevin Blankemeier is your new Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC) RVC Meg Gates is your new Membership Promotion (MP) RVC Heather Schopplein is your new Research Promotion (RP) RVC Who are these people you ask? Well I'm glad you did... I was able to do a quick interview with each of them and I can share most* of their responses with you: * if you want the non-public info you'll need to meet up with me at CRC in Fresno Click here to read the interviews! #

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