Region X Research Promotion 2014-2015 Year

Zberri Alvi
Phone: (510) 206-9905

It is my pleasure to volunteer & serve as the Region X Research Promotion Regional Vice Chair. I am excited to help fuel such an important part of our society! ASHRAE Research plays a huge role in all aspects of our built environment. Our health is determined by the health & functionality of the spaces we spend over 90% of our time in! Our homes, offices, schools, hospitals, & retail spaces and even the food we eat are all affected and hopefully protected by their HVAC& R system, or lack thereof.

"Since 1919, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) have supported research to improve quality of life. ASHRAE Research impacts the industry by advancing the way HVAC&R systems work and the way in which they are applied, and allowing development of technical information to create standards and guidelines which serve as the basis for testing and design practices around the world."

The above quote is an excerpt from "ASHRAE Researching Today to Change Tomorrow" brochure available for order from society: This brochure also explains how ASHRAE research is used, how it is funded & what the donation dollars are used for, how each project is developed, and details about the actual research and contracts.

Another useful publication that can be ordered is the seasonal Technology Review which describes projects that were recently completed, approved, & pending. It also gives an overview about published research and how the Technical Committees are involved in the process.

To read more about active ASHRAE Research projects and to review currently available requests for proposals and guidelines for submission, go to the "Research" page on ASHRAE's website under "Technology" or the following link: The money our region contributes to the RP campaign comes back to our region over eightfold- that's right over $8 comes right back to Region X for every $1 we send in!

I want to personally thank my Research Promotion chairs and the supporting BOG members who have volunteered this year for sharing my excitement and understanding the importance of their volunteer role.

RP Chairs and members of Region X- please know that I am here to help you reach your chapter and personal RP goals! Patricia Adelman ( ) and Megan Hezlep ( at society (404-636-8400) are also invaluable resources- please know that you may contact the three of us with any questions or concerns about RP. Please utilize all of the great reports, power points, give a ways, & advice the dedicated RP website gives you: - it helps chairs & chapter tremendously by reminding them of key dates for PAOE points and giving fresh new ideas to reach your chapter campaign goal! Give your two cents back on the RP Blog:

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