August 6, 2010






All in attendance except Tucson Alternate (See attachment) Dean Borges, NoNv


  • Jack Zarour
  • Tom Watson Society Treasurer
  • Jeff Littleton Executive Vice President
  • Candice George CRC General Chair
  • Brenna Smith CRC Co-Chair
  • Michael Burgess ARC
  • Scott Wayland RVC CTTC
  • Marites Calad RVC Membership Promotion
  • Tiffany Bates RVC Research Promotion
  • Karine Leblanc RVC Student Activities
  • Saul Villanueva Nominating Com Member
  • Don Brandt Nominating Com Alternate
  • Clayton Lampman Regional Historian
  • Cindy Hyatt Regional Treasurer
  • Former Region X Chairs, Dignitaries, Members and Visitors in the audience (Refer to attendance sheet)

7. REVIEW OF AGENDA (no changes) Jack Zarour


9. ASHRAE STAFF REPORT Jeff Littleton, Exec VP


Motion passed (14-0-0) to complete in 90-days (approximately Dec. 27, 2010) to include CRC motions (to be provided by DRC Jack Zarour).


  • A. 2009-10 Region X Highlights Status of Previous CRC Motions - None to report on Chapter Operations Workshop Preview Jack Zarour
  • B. Chapter Technology Transfer ((Verbally presented; no PPT report) Scott Wayland
  • C. Student Activities Karine Leblanc
  • D. Membership Promotion (Not Provided - Absent) Marites Calad
  • E. Research Promotion Tiffany Bates
  • F. Nominating Committee (Verbally reported - good activity in Caucus) Saul Villanueva
  • G. Historian Clay Lampman
  • H. Treasurer - Region X Budget (Refer to attached Financial Report) Cindy Hyatt
    Note: As of 8/27/10, the balance is $19,410.00,

    After a budget was prepared and much debate after the presentation a motion was made as the last item of business (around 6:25 pm) as follows:

    Motion was presented to raise Regional assessment from $3.50 per dues paying member to $5.00 effective July 1, 2011. Motion was moved by Golden Gate and 2nd by Hawaii.

    It passed by a 13-1-0 vote.

  • I. Regional Webmaster Karine Leblanc

    Surfed through Region X website and presented the new website to membership. The site is maintained by a 3rd party with a monthly minimum fee. Has received great comments from all interested.


Unless otherwise stated, all chapter delegates made their respective Powerpoint presentation of their CRC reports. Refer to attachments.

Central Arizona
Golden Gate (Redwood Empire Section)
Northern Nevada -
Orange Empire -
Sacramento Valley -
San Diego -
San Joaquin -
San Jose -
Sierra Delta -
Southern California (Western Section)
Southern Nevada
Tri County - Verbally presented; need standard format PPT report


Delegate from Northern Nevada Chapter and Hawaii Chapter presented their respective motions as per attachments. Motions were debated and votes were taken as follows:


Motion #126-1 #126-2 #126-3 #126-4 #126-5 #126-6 #126-7 #126-8 #126-9
Results Failed Passed Passed Passed Failed W/drawn Failed W/drawn Passed


Motion #108-1 #108-2 #108-3 #108-4 #108-5 #108-6
Results Not Used Passed Passed Failed Passed Passed

14. OLD BUSINESS - none

15. NEW BUSINESS - none

16. Audience Questions and Discussions - none

17. Adjourned - 6:30 pm Jack Zarour, DRC

Respectfully submitted, Dean S. Borges, Recording Secretary Northern Nevada Chapter 9-6-10

CRC AGENDA Minutes August 6, 2010 - Download PDF

Chapter Motions

Northern Nevada 9/5/2010
Hawaii 9/5/2010

August 15, 2009

ASHRAE Region X Planning Meeting
Board Meeting Minutes
August 15, 2009

  1. ) Jack Zarour started the meeting at 9:30 am. Self-Introductions took place. Attendees at the meeting were:
  2. Jack Zarour (JZ)
    Den Borges (DBo)
    Clayton Lampman (CL)
    Saul Villanueva (SV)
    Scott Wayland (SW)
    Lee Riback (LR)
    Michael Burgess (MB)
    Marites Calad (MC)
    Cindy Hyatt (CH)
    Karine Leblanc (KL)
    Don Brandt (DBr)
    Via Telephone at 1:45 pm: Tiffany Bates (TB)
    TOTAL = 12 of 14

  3. Opening Remarks: Jack started the discussion with discussion of Region VII. Regional Planning efforts need to be more centralized. R7 activities are more concentrated because of regional compactness but also because of cultural differences between R10 and R7. PAOE is an example of their efforts. R10 has a lot of zero's and R7 has most filled out. R8 has a “Golden Gavel”. R10 has the APEX award for RP but we need more regional efforts to recognize the efforts of chairs. SW was given permission to obtain or arrange for additional technical awards to be handed out at the CRC. SW is to coordinate with MB for this activity since MB takes care of the awards.
  4. Secretary (M. Burgess): Meeting Minutes were not available from the 2008 planning meeting. However, they are approved by unanimous consent.
  5. Nominating Report (S. Villanueva): SV cannot discuss the details of the nominating caucus but can talk about the process. Chapter recognition and understanding of the importance of the process is very low and needs to be remedied. In the past, DBo normally sends out the Society information as well as the regional business necessary. Consensus appears to be obtained to assist the nominating committee do their job. Regional and Society level Honors and Awards is in exactly the same position. Candidates need to be identified early in the year and the process needs to be initiated in the fall. On SV's request, DBo went through recent history of the process and stated that there is a lack of continuity in the identification of candidates. Regional Board Future work will include a Chapter Presidents Workshop in May. Motion: That we have a Presidents Training meeting in May 2010 in LV or LA depending on financials. This will include the outgoing President and the President-Elect. Moved by DBo and Seconded by CH. Fiscal impact: Transportation shall be paid for by Society and the Region's CRC budget. Estimated cost is $5000 to $6000. Unanimous approval. May 1, 2010 is the day.
  6. Regional MBO's (J. Zarour/M. Burgess):

    a) Chapter Presidents Training session. This includes the President-Elect as well.

    b) PAOE Training. Needs to be accented and improved at CRC.

    c) Attain PAOE excellence by reaching PAR as a minimum.

    d) Reduce delinquencies and increase membership.

    e) Increase attendance of students at all chapter meetings.

    f) Increase attendance at CRC by non-delegate/alternate ASHRAE Chapter BOG members.

    g) Add a workshop at CRC for Student Chapter President's and Advisors.

  7. Treasurer (C. Hyatt): The region collected $11,014 in chapter assessments for SY 09-10. All chapters paid. CH handed out written report and this is attaché to the meeting minutes. Sponsorships at events may assist in raising money. Tax filings are being promoted by CH via e-mails. CH to coordinate the audit and tax filing. CH to report to JZ on status of the chapters no later than the filing deadline.


    i) For winter meeting. $4800 Includes meeting registration for 6 people and accommodations for 6 people for two nights.

    ii) Summer meeting $4800. Includes meeting registration for 6 people and accommodations for 6 people for two nights.

    iii) Chapter Visits $4000,

    iv) Website $400

    v) Presidents training meeting $5000.

    vi) Income expected to be $11,000.

    Discussion centered on how non-Society regional positions are to be encouraged to attend Society meetings. It was agreed that the primary problem is finances. JZ suggested that the Region cover the costs using a stipend. The past few years the Hotel costs have been covered by the Region but the region can no longer afford to cover these costs. JZ suggested a motion be put forth to change the procedure. DBr suggested that the Regional Committee be polled to ascertain the sense of the committee. Discussions centered on the applicability to non-society positions only. Since society positions (those that are on standing committees) have travel covered by Society. No positions are completely covered. Consensus vote: Stipend v. Hotel reimbursement. Stipend won. The amount of the stipend discussed was $250 per person.

    JZ then asked for motions. Motions were made and seconded. The ensuing discussions centered on why the people in non-society positions need to go to Society meetings. The general sense was that these positions are enhanced by additional training available at these meetings and that the region would then be enhanced. The ARC is the exception because of the recent rule changes. In SY 2010-11, the ARC will have travel reimbursed to CRC and the Regional Planning meeting. At that time the ARC will be removed from the stipend sand be considered the same as a standing committee member (i.e. RVC for CTTC, etc.).

    The following motions were made:

    • Motion #1: Region will pay the stipend and transportation for the four unofficial Regional Leaders (ARC, Treasurer, Historian and Newsletter) for CRC, Regional Planning Meeting, and the Society meetings. ARC will be off this list as of 2010-2011. Moved by CH/Second by SV.
      Result: Not voted on.

    • Motion #2: RVC's to be paid stipend at DRC discretion at end of SY. Motion by CH/Second: SV.
      Result: Not voted on.

    • Table Motion: Both motions to be tabled for additional information on budget and expenses for this year. Moved by SV/second by DB.
      Result: 11-0 (Unanimous) on table motion. Not present was TB.
  8. Nominating (S. Villanueva): Reported previously.
  9. CTTC (S. Wayland): Region X Tech awards were very successful this year. All DL's are allocated and Region X did not get all we had hoped for. SW to submit request for additional DL's when the call for picking up unclaimed DL's is made by Society this Fall. Society training was very exciting. SW made a motion made at CTTC meeting in Louisville that chapters can submit more than one first place tech award in any particular category. This motion was approved. This enhances Region X's ability to submit multiple projects to Society for Society wide tech awards. Worked on getting CIQ's together for CTTC e-mail. Still lacking two chapters.
  10. Historian (L. Riback): Spent most of last year working at trying to figure out who the Chapter Historians are. Have created location for archives in fire safe location. Challenge: trying to get chapter historians to report activities. On-line reporting to Society is short circuiting notice to LR. Hawaii Historian interviewed all past presidents and reported PAOE points. Other high numbers were troublesome as well. Challenge: Getting small chapters to do historical activities.
  11. Membership Promotion (M. Calad): Region X has 4339 members with 882 delinquencies. Art Andres did not submit report nor did he attend the Society meeting in Louisville. MC did attend and received training. Main focus is retention and recall of delinquencies. MC a member of the following subcommittees: Member Communication, Member Retention and Marketing. No chairs known for SV, San Joaquin, and So Nev.
  12. Student Activities (K. Leblanc): KL could not go to Louisville but CL went in her stead. Cal Poly SLO and Pomona submitted design competition and both won. Winter meeting had 450 students attended and was a big success.
  13. Regional Website: Website is up-to-date. Facebook site is up on Monday, August 17.
  14. Regional Newsletter: This position has been deleted from the board by unanimous consent.
  15. Research Promotion (T. Bates - report via telephone from Chicago Centralized RP Training): RP really did well - $186,850. RP goal was $190,000. Hawaii helped out a lot with a donation at $48,000. Tucson now has a chair. Already have six chapter visits setup: September Central Arizona, Tucson, and San Joaquin; in October, Sacramento in November 4. RP Night on April 20 at Sierra Delta. December 1, So Cal/Tri-County joint meeting. Do not have a chair for OE. Need help to determine OE chair. $950,000 worth of research projects in Region X. RP goal for 09-10 is $190,000.
  16. CRC (D. Borges): JZ discussed the Irvine CRC first. Critiques were in room size (Business session and President's lunch.) Tucson and Phoenix are going to hold a Joint CRC after the Reno CRC. Redwood and Santa Barbara Sections need to come to CRC. Scheduling is usually done very late (just before the CRC). Reno schedules are already done. Peppermill
  17. Casino is the location of the CRC. SA needs 2 hours maximum for workshop. Communications right after in same room. Historian needs 1.5 hours not 3 hours. Chapter Ops will be shortened as well since the Presidents workshop in May. CRC GENERAL SCHEDULE: Thursday: Registration all day with tech session on this day. Sporting clays event and Optional event are being set up for recreation. Welcome party is at night and Hospitality Suite is open all day every day. Friday: Need to add Breakfast notes. Business meeting Session I and II Saturday: Caucus and Roundtable breakfast. Workshops. RP and Historian are switching time slots.

  18. DRC: Increase Regional Assessment to $4.50. Motion at CRC in Reno.

    a) Region dinner on Sunday evening and Region Breakfast on Sunday Morning.

    b) General Comment: We need to involve more people in the region to bring the importance level up at the chapter level. JZ is open to suggestions.

    c) CIQ's to all Regional committee by Monday, August 17.

    d) Chapter Visits (CH to coordinate the spreadsheet and assign dates per discussions):

    i) RVC Visits:
    (1) CTTC (S. Wayland):
    (a) So Cal
    (b) Orange Empire
    (c) Tucson
    (2) Research Promotion (T. Bates):
    (a) Central Arizona
    (b) Tucson
    (c) San Joaquin
    (d) Sacramento Valley
    (3) Student Activities (K. Leblanc):
    (a) Sac Valley
    (b) San Jose/Golden Gate
    (c) Tucson/Central Arizona
    (d) San Diego
    (e) Hawaii??
    (4) Membership Promotion (M. Calad):
    (a) Tucson
    (b) Golden Gate
    (c) San Jose
    (d) Hawaii
    (e) Sierra Delta or Tri-County
    (f) So Cal
    (5) Historian (L. Riback):
    (a) Tucson
    (b) Sac Valley
    (c) Sierra Delta
    ii) Nominating Member (Saul Villanueva):
    (1) Sierra Delta
    (2) Sac Valley
    (3) San Joaquin
    iii) Nominating Alternate (Dean Borges):
    (1) Central Arizona
    (2) San Joaquin
    (3) Sac Valley
    iv) DRC (Jack Zarour):
    (1) Central Arizona
    (2) Reno
    (3) San Diego
    (4) (Visit with Saul)
    (5) Will fill out the remainder later after reviewing job schedule.
    v) Treasurer (Cindy Hyatt):
    (1) Central Arizona?
    (2) Golden Gate
    (3) So Cal
    vi) Regional Board Member At-Large (Don Brandt)
    (1) So Nevada
    (2) Central Arizona
    vii) Regional Board Member At-Large (Clay Lampman)
    (1) Tri-County
    viii) ARC (Michael Burgess)
    (1) Orange Empire
    (2) San Jose
    (3) Golden Gate
    (4) So Cal (October)
  19. Brainstorming
    a) Electronic Media.
    i) Region X will research additional methods to enhance our efforts to be green. This may include webcasting tech seminars.

    b) Chapters with Difficulties.

    i) DRC Action Item: Reports from CRC will be put together and the highlights of chapter problems will be noted. All committee members are tasked with assisting chapters overcome difficulties.

    c) Feedback

    i) Overall meeting was reviewed as good and spirited. (LR, SW) ii) Cohesive Group and good ideas. (CH) iii) Great group of people. (DBr, KL, CL, MC, SV) iv) Need written reports (DBo) 18) JZ summarized meeting

Meeting was adjourned at 4:20 pm by Jack Zarour.

Meeting Minutes submitted on August 16, 2009 by Michael Burgess, Region X Planning Meeting Secretary and Assistant Regional Chair.

CRC AGENDA Minutes August 15, 2009 - Download PDF

August 23, 2008

Los Angeles, CA
August 23, 2008

Cindy Hyatt, Central Arizona
Don Brandt, Central Arizona
Tiffany Bates, Central Arizona
Dean Borges, Northern Nevada
Saul Villanueva, San Jose
Jack Zarour, San Jose
Devin Abellon, San Diego
Michael Burgess, San Diego (by phone)
Clay Lampman. Southern California
Karine LeBlanc, Southern California
Art Andres, Tri-County

1.0 Finances, Cindy Hyatt:

  • Checking Account:
    • There is a checking account balance of $21,803.68.
    • Jack Zarour and Verle Williams are on the current signature card.
    • C. Hyatt will have the checking account transferred to Central Arizona area.
    • C. Hyatt, D. Brandt and J. Zarour will be on the signature card.
    • J. Zarour has given C. Hyatt the Treasurer's Report.
    • J. Zarour has given C. Hyatt the financial audit performed by S. Villanueva.
    • There is still a checking account in Hawaii with a balance of $400-500. J. Zarour to speak with V. Williams to close out the account and transfer funds.
  • Revenue:
    • Region 10 has approximately 4,000 Area Assigned Members (AAM) and 2,500 Chapter Paid members (CPM).
    • Regional dues are based on Chapter Paid Members based on Chapter CRC Reports.
    • Regional dues are $3.50 per Chapter paid Member.
    • Regional dues from chapters are paid thru 2007-2008 fiscal year.
    • J. Zarour to send out Regional Dues Invoices for 2008-2009 in January, 2009.
  • Regional Expenses:
    • J. Zarour to institute a Regional Reimbursement Form for use by Regional Officers.
    • J. Zarour to approve all submitted expenses for reimbursement.
    • J. Zarour to develop guidelines for approved Regional expenses.

2.0 Research Promotion, Tiffany Bates:

  • Our Regional goal for 2008-2009 is $195,000. Last year our goal was $170,000 and $168,000 was collected.
  • ASHRAE's 2008-2009 goal is $2,500,000 from $2,100,000 last year.
  • The Tucson and San Diego chapters don't presently have RP Chairs.
  • T. Bates will visit the several chapters to promote Research Promotion including Tucson and San Diego.
  • The Full Circle goal for 2008-2009 has been met.

3.0 Membership, Art Andres:

  • This years' membership growth goal is 3%.
  • A. Andres will be promoting "Mentoring" this Society year. He exhorted all Regional officers to do the same.
  • There is a new Membership Website on the ASHRAE web page.
  • A. Andres will be visiting at least (4) chapters this year.

4.0 Student Activities, Karine LeBlanc:

  • K. LeBlanc will be promoting the 16/40/40 program with graduating students.
  • K. LeBlanc will be taking an active roll inn speaking with faculty members this year to help establish and maintain Student Chapters.

5.0 Regional Website, Karine LeBlanc:

  • K. LeBlanc will strive to maintain Regional Website updated continuously.
  • The cost of the website hosting is approximately $60.00 per year.
  • She needs input from Regional Officers on a timely basis, typically the 25th. Of each month.
  • Word files are preferred.

6.0 Regional Newsletter, Devin Abellon:

  • D. Abellon will be issuing a Regional Newsletter in September, December, March and June.
  • He will strive to have the best chapter newsletter recognized at the CRC. The Francis Brown Award is given by the Southern Nevada Chapter.
  • He will strive to have the best Chapter Webmaster Award recognized at the CRC. The award is given by the Tri-County Chapter.
  • The Regional Newsletter is sent to everyone listed on the Chapter CIQ.

7.0 Nominating Committee, Dean Borges:

  • The Alternate Regional Chairperson is Mike Burgess.
  • The CTTC may need additional help at the Regional level including chairs for the Refrigeration, Programs and TEGA activities. J. Zarour to speak to R. DesLauriers.
  • D. Borges has (1) year left as the Nominating Committee Delegate, S. Villanueva is slated to become the Delegate after D. Borges term.
  • D. Borges requested that Regional Officers remind Chapter Officers to think on a "Society" level and learn about potential Society officers so that the CRC nominating function is more meaningful.

8.0 Chapter's Regional Conference:

  • Darrin Smith is the CRC Chair for the 2009 CRC in Orange County.
  • All Regional Officers encouraged to improve CRC attendance by Chapter Officers.
  • Re-institute all Regional Awards at the CRC, J. Zarour to remind all Chapter Presidents.
  • CRC Meeting Minutes from San Diego CRC need to be published, J. Zarour to followup.
  • S. Villanueva and D. Brandt to determine if joint CRC Meeting with Region 11 is still feasible.
  • We will be converting to a fall CRC in 2011.

9.0 Miscellaneous:

  • D. Brandt recommended that a Past Regional Officers Committee be formed to call upon the expertise and experience of past regional officers by current Regional Officers. J. Zarour to investigate.
  • It was recommended that a Chapter President-Elect regional meeting be held in the summer to provide guidance and training to incoming officers.
  • It was recommended that a conference call(s) with Regional Officers be implemented during the year to maintain regional momentum.
  • A chapter visit schedule was started and needs to be finalized. J. Zarour to finalize.
  • Regional Officers conducting chapter visits are to submit Chapter Visit Reports to J. Zarour.

CRC AGENDA Minutes August 23, 2008 - Download PDF