Supporting Your Members and What They Need To Know About Their ASHRAE Membership

Erik Sanchez
Cell: (858) 357-5583

  1. You will receive your membership card and certificate in approximately 4-6 weeks, most likely earlier.
  2. If you applied for Member grade, you will be contacted separately about the timeline for approval of your full membership status.
  3. If you applied as an Associate or Member, you will receive your Handbook the June that your membership covers. So, if you joined in July 2008, you will receive the 2009 Handbook in June 2009.
  4. You should receive your ASHRAE Journal by the end of the month throughout the year.
  5. Once your membership is paid, you can begin using the members' only sections of the ASHRAE website. If you applied online, you have a login already. If you applied on paper, you should go to the website and create a login with the contact information you used in your application and your member number.
  6. Anytime you have questions about membership, contact ASHRAE Customer Service via email at, or by phone at 1-800-5ASHRAE (US and Canada) or 404-636-8400 (International).
  7. Encourage new members to contact their local chapter once their joined. Get involved with chapter activities is the best way to get connected with ASHRAE and understand how the grass root level operates. New members should also be provided with the chapter's roster or get the list of chapter officers and their contact numbers. This is a good resource incase the new member need help or assistance. Chapter officers should take this as leadership opportunity in nurturing new members to adapt and be accepted to the ASHARE family.
  8. If you need more help or information, email

Presidential Awards of Excellence (PAOE) Points
All chapters by now have already accessed the ASHRAE homepage and enter or updated your respective points per Membership Promotion Criteria. We believed the online process of entering these points is the easiest for the MP chairs but if you like to work with your chapter presidents to organize your entries so be it and that is not a problem. But please take time to visit the site and work on your PAOE points. If you do not have your chapter's logon or password, please send an email to

Regional Statistics

Total Members New Delinquents Cancellation Advance %
Central Arizona 428 30 17 12 0 7.01% 3.97% 2.80% 0.00% 4.21%
Golden Gate 863 56 38 32 2 6.49% 4.40% 3.71% 0.23% 2.78%
Hawaii 276 31 7 15 0 11.23% 2.54% 5.43% 0.00% 5.80%
Northern Nevada 99 1 6 3 0 1.01% 6.06% 3.03% 0.00% -2.02%
Orange Empire 393 17 18 16 1 4.33% 4.58% 4.07% 0.25% 0.25%
Sacrament Valley 300 11 10 11 1 3.67% 3.33% 3.67% 0.33% 0.00%
San Diego 397 15 19 16 1 3.78% 4.79% 4.03% 0.25% -0.25%
San Joaquin 100 6 5 2 1 6.00% 5.00% 2.00% 1.00% 4.00%
San Jose 250 11 5 6 0 4.40% 2.00% 2.40% 0.00% 2.00%
Sierra Delta 58 3 8 0 0 5.17% 13.79% 0.00% 0.00% 5.17%
Southern California 767 39 41 23 1 5.08% 5.35% 3.00% 0.13% 2.09%
Southern Nevada 243 11 12 9 0 4.53% 4.94% 3.70% 0.00% 0.82%
Tri County 106 4 4 7 0 3.77% 3.77% 6.60% 0.00% -2.83%
Tucson 119 8 3 2 0 6.72% 2.52% 1.68% 0.00% 5.04%
APO/San Francisco 14 2 1 1 0 14.29% 7.14% 7.14% 0.00% 7.14%
Total 4413 245 194 155 7 5.55% 4.40% 3.51% 0.16% 2.04%

Cancellations and Delinquencies
This is the biggest contributor on why we don't have big net positive growth in our chapters. If you look at the statistics, on the average, some chapters has recruited well over 3 to 4 percents against the total membership and yet a positive growth of only less than 2 percent. This is because the cancellations pulled it down, and will even drag it lower if we don't pay attention to our delinquent members. Remember, members are delinquent once past 90 days. Chapters should establish telephone committee assigned to handle follow up of delinquencies. It will be encouraging if you can invite the delinquent members to join your chapter meetings. Remind them of the importance and benefits of maintaining their ASHRAE membership. As MP chair you are empowered to always promote Membership Promotion in all your meetings. Think about ASHRAE is a great Society composed of talented individuals', make your members feel that they, too, can become great.

Regional Activities
Due to pressing work schedule and cut backs, my work load has not allowed me to take off and visit some chapters in my region as much as I want to. But I have paid visit to the chapter joint meeting between Orange Empire, Tri County and Southern California where our very own President-Elect Gordon V.R. Holness, P.E. delivered his presentation on reviews of recent developments in Building Information Modeling and Interoperability and associated software protocol and application developments.

Rest assured, I have made personal commitment to visit those chapters that are on the negative slope in their membership and assist them regain some numbers in the positive direction. To all the members, I congratulate you and appreciate your dedication and hard work in improving the value of our membership

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ASHRAE logo 100 whiteThe American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers advances the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world. Membership is open to any person associated with the field including indoor air quality, building design and operation, and environmental control for food processing and industry.

Membership in ASHRAE allows access to information about state-of-the-art HVAC&R technology and provides many opportunities to participate in the development of that technology. Participation is available locally, through chapters, and through membership on Society committees, such as standards projects committees, which are responsible for the development of standards, and technical committees which advise the Society on research needs, emerging technologies, and technical matters.

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You can manage various aspects of your membership online, including paying dues and updating your bio. Follow the link below to manage your membership.

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Spring CRC Information

CRC Workshop Materials for Chapter Membership Promotion Chairs now available.

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ASHRAE/CIBSE Reciprocal Membership Agreement

ASHRAE/CIBSE dual imageASHRAE members who hold professional engineering designations can now join CIBSE without undergoing the normal qualifications review. Likewise, CIBSE members can join without undergoing ASHRAE’s admissions and advancement review.

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ASHRAE is committed to advancing its programs and services for young members. With this in mind, ASHRAE has created a subcommittee called Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA), for members age 35 and younger!

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