Dean S Borges
Regional Historian

2017 -2018 Region X Chapter Historian Info

The current Presidential Award of Excellence (PAOE) challenge for Historical activities for the 2017-2018 Society Year:

150 points for digitizing complete chapter historical archives posting on the chapter website and/or electronic storage and updating annually; (include a minimum of meeting minutes, monthly newsletters, listing of chapter executive inventory of historic items and memorabilia not scan-able and CRC reports)

100 points For each leadership recall interview, copy must be submitted to RVC before the next CRC

50 points For chapter historical display at CRC (updated annually or new display)

50 points For creating a chapter timeline with annual updates adding previous year events and posting on the chapter website and/or electronic storage

50 points For program on history as all or part of a monthly chapter meeting

50 points For identifying and documenting any heating, refrigeration or air-conditioning plant, systems or buildings of historic interest within the boundaries of the Chapter ASHRAE members.

50 points For each interview with Fellow ASHRAE member

50 points For inviting Life members to one of the monthly chapter meetings

25 points For publishing articles on chapter, company or member history in chapter newsletter, Society publication or chapter website (8 newsletters)

YEA/WiA Activities

25 points For a local Chapter Historical activity performed by an actively engaged YEA member

25 points For a local Chapter Historical activity performed by an actively engaged "Women in ASHRAE (WiA) member (Note: If a YEA member is female choose either YEA or WiA but not both.)

100 points For the incoming Chapter Historian: attendance at the CRC workshop; or completing a "Review of Historical Committee Training PowerPoint" between the start of the CRC and the start of the new ASHRAE Society year on July

100 points For a chapter historian holding the position another consecutive year

100 points For chapter historian participating in new historical based activities unique to the Region or Society; chapter needs to have Regional Historian's prior approval for this activity to qualify

50-100 points For planning/goal setting session with Regional Historian, including the preparation and submission of the respective Chapter's Historical MBOs (points assigned by Regional Historian 2 weeks after the CRC,)

10 - 100 points For achieving goals established in goal-setting session with Regional Historian (points assigned by Regional Historian by June 30)

Please Note: Histories about a system, person, event or a company, outside the realm of the chapter, are not acceptable for PAOE points nor the Society Gold Ribbon Award. Histories for the Gold Ribbon Award shall be written by the Chapter Historian or a member of the Historical Committee from information obtained by interviewing a person knowledgeable of the history being written or from personal knowledge of the history of the system, person, event or company. Information obtained from electronic material is not acceptable.