Clay Lampman
Regional Historian

2011-12 Region X Chapter Historian Info

  1. Chapter Programs to promote a HISTORY monthly meeting night or theme(s).
  2. Incoming Chapter Historian or Historical Comm Chair to attend CRC - 100 Pts!
  3. The current Presidential Award of Excellence (PAOE) challenge for Historical activities for the year:
    50 points for Chapter Historical Display at the CRC

    25 points for chapter archives indexed and maintained

    25 points for digitizing chapter archives

    50 points for publishing article on chapter, company or member history in chapter newsletter, Society publication or chapter website

    50 points for the original history and for each one year of chapter history written in current year (i.e., Society Gold Ribbon Award)

    50 points for each history of a system, person, event or a company significant to the Chapter's history (Society Gold Ribbon Award)

    50 points for each leadership recall interview

  4. Lou Flagg Historical Award
    Each Chapter Historian can qualify for the Regional Nomination by doing the activities listed above for the points listed below:

    Historical Significance 35 points

    Innovation 20 points

    Photographs 20 points

    Quality of Presentation 15 points

    Gold Ribbon Award Recipient 10 points

Let's have a nominee this year! It could be you!

Please Note: Histories about a system, person, event or a company, outside the realm of the chapter, are not acceptable for PAOE points nor the Society Gold Ribbon Award. Histories for the Gold Ribbon Award shall be written by the Chapter Historian or a member of the Historical Committee from information obtained by interviewing a person knowledgeable of the history being written or from personal knowledge of the history of the system, person, event or company. Information obtained from electronic material is not acceptable.

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